About Us

Why did we create DoubleTakeOffers.com?

We designed DoubleTakeOffers.com for two types of smart consumers: value-minded folks who appreciate a great offer to try someplace new; and the folks who enjoy coupons to consistently save money.   We cater to both by leveraging local coupons and premium deal offers from local businesses who advertise in our magazines.

On the flip side, we designed DoubleTake to equally benefit locally owned businesses. They would like an introduction to you- along with a chance to earn a recommendation to your friends. Our merchants like DoubleTake's integrated print+digital program because we give them wide reach and verifiable, immediate response.  

A great coupon is a great reason to all come together. Printed or flashed on an app!

We  give you the tools to save   

  • A Magazine (mailed to 29 million homes 6-8 times per year)
    the best, tactile and the most sticky.  Easy to throw in the car or on the counter
  • Our Savings Website
    instant coupon printing, 50% off premium offers, VIP club, Read your Magazine
  • A Sweet Mobile App
    grab coupons on the go.  Apple's Passbook alerts when you're near your merchant
  • An Interactive iPad/Kindle App 
    immersive reading, clipping and sharing experience.  "Swipe & Tap" to "Clip & Save"
  • Facebook Social Saver (coming in May '14)
    interactive social reading app for Facebook.  Share, pin and clip; earning team points


No other website or mobile coupon app has the same breadth of true, neighborhood-local business than  we do.  Nor the blend of 50,000 free coupons and nearly 1000 active premium deals. 

It's because in each market we serve, lives a content manager and their team.  They live in, and were likely raised in, your area.   They work with great merchants to come up with offers that work for them and that will excite you to visit.  

We're a 30 year-old coupon company owned by Gannett who thinks and works like a start-up.  Our 30-year track record helps keep merchants' (and we hope your) trust. 

SECRET TIP:  Each new issue of Clipper, Mint, Savvy, or Rewards Magazine announces our new Premium Deal Offers to this website.  This is often a Wednesday to get the limited quantity offers for the best area restaurants, health/beauty centers, entertainment/attractions, home services and a lot more.


Company Profile

The Best Local Advertising In America. Period.

It all boils down to results. And great results are why Clipper Magazine has grown 5000% in the 30 years since its launch. Today, we publish hundreds of regional and local editions, from New England to Florida, from Long Island to Southern California. Each one is distributed by direct mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Each one reflects our strict emphasis on color, quality and consumer response. And, of course, each one gets results for its advertisers... for a fraction of the cost of mass media like newspapers, radio and TV. Visit ClipperMagazine Local-Business Marketing Products Site

National & Regional Advertising Advantages

Our National & Regional Advertising department is dedicated to building your business nationwide. We can deliver your messages to precisely the local and regional markets you wish to reach. Clipper Magazine and our low-cost direct mail and post card products are ideal for introducing new products, building established brands, presenting seasonal promotions and getting the Return On Investment that you expect. Click here to learn more >>

Founded in 1983 by Steve Zuckerman, Ian Ruzow and Bob Zuckerman, Clipper Magazine has grown from a single local, four-page campus advertising publication to 3805+ local editions, in 29+ states. Mailed 6-8 times annually (more in selected markets), Clipper Magazine reaches roughly 32 million American homes with full-color ads featuring money saving offers.

Clipper Magazine also operates numerous subsidiaries, including: Loyal Customer Club, DoubleTakeDeals.comSpencer Advertising & Marketing, Clipper Web Development, The Menu Company, and Total Loyalty Solutions.


Who's behind DTO?

c/o Clipper Magazine, Inc.
Attn: Jeff Hartman, COO
3708 Hempland Road
Mountville, PA 17554
Toll-Free: 866-509-7124



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