El Serrano

Discover El Serrano

Savor traditional South American food, like El Serrano's Lomo Saltado, filet mignon grilled with red onions, fried potatoes and tomatoes, or Mixto Limeño, pan-seared tilapia covered with crabmeat and garlic herb sauce.

Be sure to try their Tapas menu, Spanish-inspired fare served on small plates to share with your table, like the amazing Avocado Frito, a fresh avocado fried golden brown, or Ceviche, tilapia that is cold-cooked in lemon juice with cucumbers and red jalapeno, plus shrimp dishes, beef dishes, and more.

And, El Serrano's signature margaritas and homemade sangria are perfect accompaniments to any dish.

El Serrano
3410 East Market St
York, PA 17607
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Sunday thru Thursday 11am - 9pm Friday and Saturday 11 am - 11pm Lunch Menu served 11 am - 3pm Monday thru Friday

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